The fact that you are viewing this page means that you have made the first step in inquiring about singing lessons. Most prospective students I speak to on the phone are very nervous about starting lessons however find the courage to make the initial call, which I applaud.

I have been working professionally as a singer in the music industry since 1983. I am currently performing between three to five times a week. Please read the letters of endorsement from private voice students at the bottom of this page. Please go to the Bio page for additional information about my performance experience.

I periodically hold workshops in addition to scheduled lessons to provide further experience and knowledge for my students.

I teach beginners through to advanced, and want to make it clear that I do not audition students for lessons nor do I expect any initial level of vocal achievement. All I think is necessary is a willingness to sing. You may never want to perform in public, but are having lessons for personal enjoyment or to build confidence, or you may be currently working in the industry but need some additional pointers, both reasons are genuine and both students would receive equal tuition.

I have a range of students:

  • Working professionals who have been touring the world with their bands promoting their albums. They may be experiencing vocal fatigue and have referred by a speech therapist to assist with their technique.
  • Local cover /original band vocalists or backup vocalists who need some technical work to enhance their technique.
  • Retired or semi-retired people who are wanting to finally do what they’ve always enjoyed, singing! They may never wish to perform (although I usually coerce them into performing).
  • People with a disabaility. I have several students who are part of the NDIS plan. Singing is a type of therapy and recognised as beneficial by the scheme.
  • Kid show performers or school teachers who involve singing in their act/lessons and require technique to make it through songs without losing their voice.
  • Original solo music writers who wish to sing their own songs and record in their own home studio or record in mine during their lessons to produce an album.
  • Bride’s or Groom’s to be who would like to sing a song at their own wedding and are having secret lessons to perfect their song.
    Other singing teachers who may be unsure about certain techniques and wish to expand their knowledge.

Singing is enjoyable & I think lessons should be too. Professionalism & quality of learning does not have to be compromised because of the fun & enjoyment factor. As a teacher I strive to be both positive and encouraging and offer support to all of my students. I could not teach any other way as this reflects my philosophies towards music, teaching and life in general.

Please see the  “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ’s) page which shall hopefully address any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact me for additional information.